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Maximizing the Value Potential of Your IP Assets

Leverage our expertise to transform your intellectual property into valuable commercial assets.

About Cornelius Enuezie

Founder of COZAREN GmbH, Cornelius Enuezie, brings over 28 years of biopharmaceutical and agrochemical patent and industry experience (notably, at Novartis, IMS Health, Teva and Clarivate) to elevate your IP strategy.

Proven ability to utilise technical knowledge, business acumen, specialist patent search and competitive intelligence research skills to facilitate an excellent record of building effective licensing and patent monetisation programmes and supplementing the revenue-generating activities of biopharmaceutical organisations.

  • Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

  • Master of Laws (LLM) in Patent and Technology Law

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Chemistry

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Services Overview

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Patent and competitive intelligence searches 

 In-depth novelty, validity, freedom-to-operate and landscape searches to:

  • inform patent strategies; 

  • support M&A and licensing due diligence activities; 

Reviewing Legal Agreement

Due diligence support

One-stop shop for conducting high quality due diligences in the biopharmaceutical sector, in collaboration with specialist and experienced patent attorneys.


Optimise patent portfolios to identify non-strategic patent values to be leveraged to generate economic value through

  • patent right enforcement (litigation or licensing) against identified third party infringement of patent rights; 

  • identifying patent licensees, new markets and R&D collaborators; 

  • identifying untapped R&D and commercial opportunities;

  • monetisation of non-strategic patnet portfolios; 

  • performing in-depth CI analyses to inform decisions to abandon portfolios (resulting in cost savings); 

  • identifying potential infringement/litigations risks; and

  • developing business case to support  monetisation and licensing decisions taking anti-trust laws and company ethics into account.


Develop and manage biological sequences search platforms and algorithms (Blast and Smith-Waterman) that facilitate patent and non-patent biosequence searches.

In collaboration with experienced engineering partners, we build platforms to facilitate search for:

  • proteins and nucleotides searches;

  • CDR (protein and nucleotides) searches;

  • Motif searches (search proteins and nucleotides with up to five mismatches); and,

  • combined sequence searches with keywords.

Expertise and Achievements

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Major career achievements include: 

  • Identified 11 patent infringement cases that generated over US$200 million for Novartis.

  • Managed the execution of patent out-licensing opportunities that realised US$650 million in royalties and cost-savings for Novartis.

  • Conducted extensive competitive intelligence research that resulted in Clarivate’s decision to acquire SequenceBase.

  • Managed the integration of SequenceBase (post acquisition) with Derwent Innovation to simplify customer workflow, resulting in over 10% increase in new subscriptions.

  • Managed the integration of SequenceBase with Clarivate’s Life Science databases to augment patented biosequence data with value-add commercial, clinical, regulatory, commercial, agrochemical and plant biotechnology information.

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