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With an estimated 95% of pharmaceutical patent portfolios having no identified strategic value, are you and your organisation maximising the value potential of your IP assets?

At COZAREN, we view IP as more than a set of legal rights. They are also valuable commercial assets that can be leveraged to generate value and recoup R&D investments. 

Optimise your patent portfolios in five discrete steps

Reduce Risk

We perform due diligence on behalf of clients before and during M&A and licensing negotiations.

Portfolio Optimisation

We optimise the value of biopharmaceutical patent portfolios by performing audits to highlight core strengths and identify potential cost savings.

We also identify 3rd party infringement of patent portfolios and potential patent litigation risks.

Develop Business Cases

We work with clients to develop business cases for enforcing IP rights, ascertain royalty and licensing rates for patent portfolios, the cost of enforcing patent rights, and  full assessment of business/litigation risks.

Define and Operate Effective IP Dispute and Litigation Strategies

We are highly experienced at identifying and employing relevant antitrust laws to enhance the effectiveness of  clients' litigation and licensing/monetisation strategies.

Training and Development

We provide bespoke training in patent search, competitive intelligence and licensing strategies to match business goals of clients. 

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